Family Owned with Over 25 Years of Experience

In 1994, ERI Floral started out of Stoughton, Wisconsin. At this time most of our competitors were large scale farms that shipped bulk directly from Miami to distribution centers throughout the country. While this model worked for grocery stores with their own floral departments, it was not ideal for convenience store programs with lower volume and no specialized staff to handle the flowers.

Seeing a desire for floral programs at the convenience store level, we steadily attracted new customers by offering vendor managed programs with in-store service. After refining our process and expanding the team, we began servicing Walgreens stores in Milwaukee. shortly after, we expanded our business into to greater Chicago where we continued to grow our customer base.

Currently, we produce and distribute 1.5 million bouquets annually to over 1,000 retail locations throughout the Midwest. Each week our product is sourced directly from the farm, arranged in-house and shipped direct to store. Our regional focus, control of the supply chain and innovative sales modeling allows us to run one of the top vendor managed floral programs in the country.

Delivering flowers to over 1,000 stores in the Midwest.